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David Gluzman August 15th, 2005

  • Cafe Britt: Since traveling to Costa Rica I’ve been hooked on this top end blend. I’d recommend the organic shade grown (tastey). Oh and shipping is insanely fast, took only 2 days for my latest order to come in, and it was free.
  • Subaru: Just noticed they are releasing the 2006 Impreza, and I think it’s an improvement; sorta looks like an Alfa in my opinion. Regardless I’ll be putting in a test drive once the WRX wagon is in stock (no idea when that is as of right now).
  • CBC: Recently gone on strike, and bam new layout for the front page. If you managed to check it today the featured photo is of some hippos (and who doesn’t like hippos!). Unfortunately the new layout has removed the weather from the front page, which sadly I’m going to miss. Granted I still have ‘ForecastFox‘ plugin for Firefox which works great.
  • While on the topic of resigns The Bargain Finder recently did a massive resign. There’s no question it’s an improvement, but they still have some serious user interface issues. Still feels like a bunch (or maybe just 1) programmer steering the design cog over there. Granted I think it’s the opposite situation at Canada Trader where there is so much junk filling the screen the application just grinds while in use. Also how hard would it be to save some preferences (like your zip code perhaps). *Funny side note to all this, last time I sold a car I put it in the ‘Canada Trader’ and it didn’t sell (cost me like $60), then afterwords when I put it in the ‘Bargain Finder’ it sold very quickly (which cost me $0).