R4NT Issue 7 Volume 5

David Gluzman October 1st, 2005


Orange it up a notch.

A beautiful fall day hosted a photo shoot with a hot local hip-hop crew, Audible Intelligence. The three bros warmed up to the camera quickly and managed to ride a few chickens in the process. Some good times for sure. I had to quickly jet from the scene about an hour in, but Marisha stuck around to grab brunch and scribble some notes to put together a top notch interview.

Lessee what else do we got here..

Well.. BAG. Man this video is crazy, and potentially (ha, who am I joking) offensive and thus fits perfectly into the mix (and the song is actually quite good too). Do check it, but maybe not while you’re at work. You could however get away with watching SugarPlumHoneyBun, but then again there is some partial nudity. Hmm.. Well you can read all the articles! They are definitely work safe!

Crom returns with another him versus series, yet this time takes on gaming giant EA Games. Beauty lays into the eyewear industry, quickly followed by yet another smack down on Air Canada from non other than our resident Air Canada correspondent, MaxPower.

Topping off the issue we have two in-depth reviews, one new, and one real old. TDJ (all the way from Australia) gets his hands dirty on top of a Apple Mighty Mouse; while So-CoAddict almost gets mauled at the Royal Tyrell Museum. Dinosaurs are cool.

Big ups, to everyone for contributing to yet another complete issue of ‘Reading for New Times Magazine‘.

PS. Just a friendly reminder that Issue 8 (November) this year will be going up a little later than usual, since R4NT will be on location in Thailand. :)

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