R4NT Alert?

MaxPower December 8th, 2005

So in the past couple weeks I have visited R4NT a bunch as usual and had (finally) noticed something unusual when I surfed over to r4nt.com. My Norton Internet Security kept saying that it had blocked an intrusion attempt. I don’t know if anyone else experienced that.

Norton would say it was a medium risk attack and give me this warning:

A computer with the IP address sent information that is characteristic of the HTTP_ActivePerl_Overflow attack.

But it appears D4V has done a work around solution to prevent the conflict. It apparently was caused by Google Analytics (so much for doing no evil). I’ll let D4V describe the issue in more detail, if he wants, for whoever is interested but needless to say as soon as he flipped a switch – BAM no problems.

Looks like Google Analytics is still too Beta for normal use.

  • D4V

    So um.. yeah..

    Couple things.. is YOUR own computer.. Which is pretty stupid.. So Google isn’t entirely at fault.. What the heck is Norton smokin?

    Regardless.. Google Analytics hasn’t been all that much a breakthru.. Since we have had some pretty good server side logs for a long time. Thus the fix for this problem was to simply take out the javascript calls for the tracking.

    Sooo.. Bye Bye… (plus I was getting frustrated that it seemed to slow down the page loads ie: 15k of JS from Google).

  • Indeed – apparently Google turned my own computer against itself. Or against Norton. Just to be clear for any worriers out there – there was never any attack it was just a stupid Google/Norton conflict.

    You can all sleep easy.