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David Gluzman December 13th, 2005

Party Dec

Late last week I was hired to take some shots while at a company Christmas party. I figured I’d write a bit about it here since well.. It was huge!

Firstly it was at the Calgary Round up Center, which is on the Stampede grounds (which hosts the Calgary Stampede). Just a massive hall which held about 500 or so party goers, not to mention a full fledge stage for the band.

Now this is where it get’s kinda funny (at least for those of you who I haven’t told this to already). So while I was doing the shoot I had the chance to talk to a few people here and there. But before the party really started going I was talking with the band for a good while trying to get some information about the crazy stage they setup and what kinda music was going to go down. Anyways.. Long story short; afterwards I figured out that I wasn’t just talking to some band.. I was talking with ‘54-40‘! Ha!

Man.. ‘Dear Dear‘ was the best!

Anyways.. Jeb Fink also played host as the MC for the evening (a local Calgary personality/comedian). Overall I was just amazed that a company would go to this level for a xmas party!

I ended up taking about 300 or so shots while there. Most of the time I was shooting with my 70-200 2.8L, with my 580EX flash. However for a few of the shots I ended up going wider with the 17-40L. Problem was it was SUPER dark. And since I was going for more cameo type shots when I wasn’t getting people to pose, I had to shoot at ISO 3200 (can you say grainy?). Then again using the Canon 20D it wasn’t all that terrible. You’d be surprised at how good the shots can look after you run it thru ‘NeatImage‘ (noise reducing program). :)

I’ll post some more pics in the comments.. :)

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    Keep in mind I didn’t want to post any pictures of the people at the party… (at least not directly) since well I appreciate people privacy and I don’t think this is the venue for it. :)