Where’s Willy?

MaxPower January 25th, 2006

So I have been on this interweb for a long time. Hell R4NT.com was established back in ’01.

But I had never heard of www.whereswilly.com or www.wheresgeorge.com

They are websites (Where’s Willy is the Canadian site – Willy is Wilfred Laurier) that track money that you spend as they travel around the country. On the surface it sounds iffy – but it is actually pretty interesting.

For example check this trip out

Started in Vancouver in August 13, 2003 and last report is in Belnan, Nova Scotia in May 2005. Cross country baby. When you register on the site you can enter your money’s serial numbers. Then you spend it and it travels around until someone else picks it up and goes to the website and enters an update. I entered a couple bills today and I’m going to unleash them upon the land this week.

I encourage other R4NT readers to do the same.

BTW – I found this link from a study by some guys in the U.S. who are looking at human movements and are using the data points from wheresgeorge.com to extrapolate algorithms that could be used to predict how pandemics would spread. Good stuff.

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