Easter Update

David Gluzman April 16th, 2006

V6 Preview

Happy Easter!

It’s been quiet lately, so I thought I’d toss out some of the hot happenin’s…

Kid Koala is going to be in town this coming weekend at Broken City. I don’t plan on missing the scratch master, so I’ll see you there.

I’ve been listening to some pretty hot new music that I can’t wait to start telling you all about, but I’ve gotta save it for V6. I can mention one thing worth checking out, it’s called “Fink“. Wow..

Also, R4NT has some pretty awesome news to share with everyone regarding a super exciting music event taking place in May, but alas once again I can’t quite let the cat out of the bag yet. And for those that do know.. Shh! Stay tuned for updates.

Lastly, as some of you may already know I’ve been working on a complete new backend for V6, and it’s being written using Ruby on Rails (moving away from PHP). Since picking up Rails, I’ve been impressed with the framework, especially since I don’t really consider myself to be a backend programmer. I’ve gotten most of the basic functionality setup, however there is a daunting amount left to do. Looks like lots more weekends and evenings to go.

One thing that I finally figured out today was some routing of a page slug id. So for example:


This new URL structure will prove to be far more readable, and search engine friendly.

I had to add a new row in the db, but the code within Rails was something to this effect:

def show
@article = Article.find_by_page_slug(params[:id])

This would place the page_slug information in the url rather than the :id alone. Big ups goes to the guys on IRC (#rubyonrails on freenode) for that one.

There is an umpteen amount of exciting happenings happening right now! Yet the rest will have to wait…

  • grfxguy

    Aww you’d better let us know about that music thing quick! I need an excuse to come to Cowtown to entertain a girl I’m after :P

  • D4V

    That might have to be for a different occaision…. This isn’t happening in Calgary.. ;)

  • That’s right its not even in the same time zone….

    Oh wait – did I say too much? Ha!