springsix Day 4

David Gluzman May 28th, 2006

Day 4.5 (because it ended about half way thru Sunday) at Springsix…

Firstly please excuse the late posting on this one.. We got in a tad late (8am!) on the last day of the festival. The after party rocked, but I wasn’t quite used to leaving a club in complete daylight! Heh. Craziness.

Aiola Island… Funky little lounge in the middle of the river!

Foreign Beggers
Foreign Beggers at the Postgarage

Bill Brewster reading at the red bull academy
Bill Brewster reading his book ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ at the Red Bull Academy

Electrosacher Cakebeat Collective from Triest
Electrosacher Cakebeat Collective from Trieste


Nick Matthews
Nick Matthews playing at the Generalmusikdirektion

Christian Vogel at the DOM
Christian Vogel playing some incredibly dark deep beats at the DOM

What an absolutely fantastic music festival! We got the chance to meet soo many awesome people, checked out an incredible amount of awesome musical talents, and just plain had a freakishly awesome time here. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for some in-depth articles/videos/pictures in the weeks to come. Can’t wait for SpringSeven!