We’re Back..

David Gluzman June 6th, 2006

Been back for a few days now actually…

The flight back from Vienna was long (9 hours idling in Heathrow), and I can’t say all that pleasant, because hey I had to fly Air Canada (and we all know how much we loooove Air Canada) from London to Calgary on an ancient 767. Oh well, got home all the same.

There was one highlight from the flight when someone I sat beside said that Air Canada’s new moto should be, “We’re not happy till you’re not happy”. I thought that was brilliant. Oh and wine helps.

Now that we’re back, there’s a lot of work ahead of us. I’ve got a silly amount of photographs to go through (hundreds) and 5 DV tapes to sift through for some highlights. Also I’d like to try and get a full fledged article on springsix done before next week. So we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also got a few adjustments I’d like to make to the new layout here in V6, but the priority of that is pretty low compared to the actual content creation ahead of us here. But speaking of V6, I had a great time using the new system while on the road. When we launched Maxpower’s review of Oblivion, it had already been published as a draft, and I simply had to go in and flip the switch. Painless.

Also if you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds (Articles, Blog, Comments), and make sure you stay updated whenever R4NT updates. I use a web service called Bloglines which makes staying tuned in very easy. Also it keeps track of what I’ve read regardless if I’m checking it at work, or at home. In other words it’s computer independent, and hey I like that. Less software == good.

Lastly it seems Ian is off on his crazy huge road trip. That nut. I wonder where he is now!