Sony Sony Sony….

MaxPower June 30th, 2006

Sony when will you ever learn. It doesn’t reflect well on you to complain and whine so much.

Kaz Hirai, President/CEO Sony Computer Entertainment America had these words of wisdom when asked if their strategy was similar to that of Microsoft’s entertainment division:

“We seem to. Every time we go down a path, we look behind and they’re (Microsoft) right there – we just can’t shake these guys. I wish that they (Microsoft) would come up with some strategies of their own, but they seem to be going down the path of everything we do. If you look at their strategy in other business areas as well, they tend to do that.”

Now, far be it for me to say Microsoft is the pinnacle of creativity but Sony? Kettle? Pot? Black?

Who started on-line console gaming? Who is rushing to try to bring some shread of online gaming to their new console? Even going back a bit – after Nintendo’s rumble pack, Sony brought out the Dual Shock pad. And then recently Wii has a motion tilt sensor thingy, well wouldn’t you know it, Sony bashes together a tilt sensor thiny and slaps it in an old PS2 controler and calls it the new PS3 controller!

Oh and selling PS3 games 70 bucks + is crazy talk. “But they are Blu-ray” – pfft it doesn’t cost anything (materially) extra to punch out a blu-ray disc vs. a cd.

Kaz Hirai again: “If it (the games price point) becomes a bit higher than US$ 59, don’t ding me, but, again, I don’t expect it to be US$ 100,” .

Yeah dude, just don’t talk. At all.

  • D4V

    It’s bad enough that there are barely any games worth buying… Then again if games start costing $100, watch the rental / used market skyrockett even more than it is already.

    Pardon me while I dust off my board games and play with friends in “person”. ;)