Please Miyamoto, Don’t Punch my Face!

Crom November 24th, 2006

Well, i’m not afraid to eat crow.

I was wrong. dead wrong.

A while back I took a massive shit on Nintendo for their whole Wii concept, and the fact that they were flushing their business down a toilet. My co-worker bought one and brought it to work.

You did it Nintendo. You fooled everyone; you Kaiser Soze’d us all.

The Kings have returned to the throne. The Nintendo Wii, is pretty fucking badass. If you have the means, I highly recommend getting one. They’ve brought the old California Games idea back to life with Wii Sports; a hilarious mix of events using the Wii-mote. Bowling, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball and Golf. Simple little games that teach you how fun the controller can be, and make everybody laugh at your crazy bowling mime. I can’t even explain the rest of the minute features that make it so crazy, you must see it for yourself.

Hail, and Long Live the Kings.

  • D4V

    I have yet to try one.. But I can’t say I’m not intrigued..

    However, I have seen a fair bit of linkage about people breaking their tv’s while launching the controller.. Now that’s gotta suck!

  • Yeah sounds like they need a heavier duty strap there for all the adults getting a bit too into the golf swing thing.

    The buzz has sure been all Nintendo all the time. They are saying they’re trying to get 4 million units to North America by Christmas so maybe there will be some availability…

    I am also intrigued by the Zelda game with the controller, swinging Link’s sword and aiming his bow.

    Is it going to wear thin in a year? Maybe… we’ll see how innovative they can be with games I guess.

  • MacPower said:
    I am also intrigued by the Zelda game with the controller, swinging Link’s sword and aiming his bow.

    I wouldn’t count on that. I was talking with some people at my office who got their hands on the Wii. They said that Zelda was “slightly disappointing” in that, Link’s sword would NOT directly simulate the motion YOU make. You simply make a generic motion that applies a “generic” sword swipe, similar to hitting an A or B button. One… generic… swing… regardless of the motion YOU make.

    This information is of course hearsay, so I can’t vouch 100% for my comment.

  • Yeah, I also heard it can be accomplished by a wrist flick rather than a whole arm moving “sword swipe”.

  • Ducati_AGB

    For all those hardcore Wii fans, another perspective from Slate:

    ‘The new Nintendo’s flaws make me question who the Wii’s audience will be. Kids don’t want embarrassingly easy games. Casual gamers of any age will bail out the first time their crosshairs go AWOL. And hardcore gamers like me aren’t going to bother with a magic wand that makes us less efficient at killing aliens. For a console that wants to start a revolution, making users doubt their reflexes is a serious design flaw. By playing fast and loose with motion detection, the Wii swings wildly between deal-breaking frustration and hollow victories. Ultimately, it never achieves the level of difficulty that every console should aspire to: a good, fair challenge.’

  • Re: Shoe

    I am trying to get a Wii, but they are _still_ sold out everywhere here!

    How is the supply in Calgary?

  • Re: Shoe

    I finally got one (well a few weeks ago really).

    This is without a doubt the best game system yet. All hail Miyamoto.