Elektronische Musik und Clubkultur from Graz: Springseven Day 1

Anhedonia May 17th, 2007

springseven - day1

We’re back in Graz Austria for this years edition of the springfestival – springseven.

Blurring the lines of decades of sounds and fashion, the live performances opening up the festival on May 16th were a significant change from the previous year. It is difficult to say if this is related to the artists selected alone, or if it is because of a change in the scene that has occurred? Regardless, it was impressive, and these performances all enhanced the crowds eagerness to experience electronica and put it in motion for a night full of dancing and clubbing.

The opening act of Steed Lord displayed elements of glamour and one felt like they were truly seeing a show with rock stars. These artists are a great addition to any music collection, and the female lead singers voice, with tonal qualities similar to Lamb though with a style all of its own, is truly to be admired.

Steed Lord

Shit Disco smelled and sounded of no elements of scheisse at all. Packed full of energy, this five-piece nu rave disco house band pounded beats to storm the Kasematten. This is a band. They’re a bunch from Glasgow that have that great party feel with a percussionist who can get you to dance even if you thought you weren’t in the mood.

Seamless DJ’ing at Iohan was fabulous, as was the ambience with a cavernous club and projectors portraying daisies everywhere. Heineken’s and great tapas to be had amongst this scene made me want to move to Europe for the simple fact that this is probably what its like here on an average night. Excellent simplistic experiences – oh I wish I could pack them up and take them home!

Dom im Berg. The cave. Some Great Danes in their underpants dressed as fallen angels. They truly rocked it. Get your sweat on to this disco funk ambient folk and 60’s psychadelia. So fun!! I appreciated the quirky costumes, and it appears they have a bit of a repertoire of other costumes to choose from by looking at past photos. If you get a chance to catch their show, it’s recommended for sure.

And lastly, for us anyway, though you could party until 7 am everyday here, was Digitalism. Young dirty electro group who were one of the main ones to use synthesizers and equipment threw out vibrations so deep it pounds you just when you’re standing still. Seriously, my pants danced all on their own! The crowd loved it and had a pulse all on its own.

Why doesn’t springfestival happen every weekend? Divinity!

See more photos as they come on our flickr stream.