Dub Step with Mala of Digital Mystikz – springseven day 2

Anhedonia May 18th, 2007

Mala @ Red Bull Lecture

Red Bull Music Academy open for general discussion and interviewing is definitively one of the best parts of springseven. To see that there is a face to the artist and to hear the story behind it all, and not just base things on a graphically charged flyer as for what to see at the club, is a refreshing look into the passion that exists in the world these people live in. It also to some extent personalizes the music, making it easier to become attached to a specific DJ’s as if one would become a fanatic of a group. I think this is where there becomes some clarity on the world of electronica: That to be an electronica fan, or an off radio music fan of any sort, one must stop being lazy by listening only to the music on the top 40, and get out there to seek out the sounds that appeal to you directly. This also means you must listen to the music…I mean really listen.

Buccovina Club Orkestra ft.Marco Markovic

Heinz Reich from the ORF Austrian Broadcasting corporation always pulls out the best interviews with his pensive questioning and deep knowledge of electronica. Since this years Red Bull Music Academy will be in Toronto in September, perhaps some Canadians will check it out. If not, all the interviews of artists of the Academy will be available by online stream, so you can get into the thoughts behind the performers out there. It comes as a recommendation from Heinz Reich, so go to it! Find your stream to find your favorite artist, or find your artist and then find the stream… either way it will be a great way to get a little bit cerebral on electronica in general.

Of course there’s more photos of the day on our flickr stream, make sure to check it out!