Drive the Golden Gate Bridge

David Gluzman May 30th, 2007

Golden Gate Bridge via gmaps

Google has done it yet again.. Taking queues from amazon’s A9 block view a few months back, they’ve started to implement something rather mind blowing.

Panoramic street views.

I can’t describe it without doing it an injustice.. Click, drag, zoom, move, yikes…

I can just see it now.. Open this up to user generated content, and you’ve documented the entire world down to a super granular level.. Ack! Then add in the aspect of years going by, and you’ve documented time as well. Ack ack!

This is huge.

(Oh, here’s Vegas too)

  • I have heard anecdotally from people in NY that blogs have sprouted up warning when Google vans are driving around so you don’t have to be immortalized on the street as some people in San Fran had.