Everybody loves the sunshine!

Anhedonia June 28th, 2007


If you were watching the news on June 8th, 2007, you may have been exposed to the latest findings on vitamin D, or maybe you’ve just noticed that all the vitamin D is sold out at the pharmacy. What it’s about is related to a breaking study which suggests that increasing your vitamin D supplemental dose from its original 400IU/day to 1000IU/day, has convincing evidence for decreasing your risk of some cancers by up to approximately 60%! I don’t recall ever hearing about the Canadian government changing their recommended dosages for supplements so quickly, but this report had such overwhelming evidence that they basically initiated the changes the next day. I think it’s mind-blowing.

  • MaxPower

    Yeah there was a bunch of press on that. Basically centred around people needing to really up suppliment levels or get more sun on their skin. But the commentary was about people who would get stupid and go lie out in the sun for 3 hours without protection thinking it was “good for them”.

    I seem to remember 10 – 15 mins of direct sun on unexposed face and arms got you your 1000iu/day, depending on your skin colour.

    I am still aghast at how poorly people treat their skin with respect to sun protection.