New Music: Anime

David Gluzman September 28th, 2007


Caught a quick listen to this this morning.. Here’s some deets:

In an age of orange alerts, crumbling economic systems, and marshal law under the guise of homeland security the people are spoon fed entertainment deemed “safe” by major corporations and the government. Citizens are bombarded with biased media coverage of an unpopular war by big business news stations posing as fair and balanced, as well as mindless “reality” television which is far more scripted than the prime-time dramas they have replaced. Indeed, we the people have become conditioned to accept what is given to us. Everyone seems to be aware of this, except the public.

Nowhere has this policy of “eat it until you like it” become more evident than in today’s music. What was once the lone voice of the people has become nothing more than hollow images of commercialism and violence. It is now designed to take the people’s minds off of what is really going on, and desensitize them to the real life violence taking place all over the world everyday. What was once our parent’s spirit of revolution has become a symbol of exactly how corrupted and apathetic our generation has become.

All is not lost however. Since the late 1990’s a movement has been brewing. In basements and on street corners the essence of freedom remains strong, ready to bubble to the surface and give the people their voice back. Among this guerrilla movement stands Anime. An emcee as unpredictable and gritty as the animated films that he draws his name from and inspired by the pioneers of the hip-hop culture as well as revolutionary artists from all genres. He has spent over 10 years in the underground perfecting his craft. This time spent paying dues allowed Anime to develop a well balanced style that is as full of classic hip-hop braggadocio as it is full of story telling and social commentary.

Possessing the swagger of an east coast b-boy; combined with an aggressive delivery, and superior wordplay – Anime stands out from the pack. Always pushing the limits of what he is capable of as an emcee, and what hip-hop music is capable of being; Anime is set to strike the industry with a laser guided dose of reality. All in an effort to give a voice back to the people.

Anime’s first single, “Tell Myself I’m Happy” is everything that a hip-hop single should be. The feel good (yet thought provoking) beat is provided by German super-producer Shuko. Anime paints a picture with his lyrical imagery taking us through “just one of those days”. The track is anchored by a contagious chorus sung by rock singer Mike Maven. The light hearted vibe of the main single is balanced by the sinister B-side “The Day After”. For this track, Anime is joined by crewmates Animal Cracka and A.D. “The Day After” sets the scene of what life would be like the day after a presidential assassination.

Free Streams:

Anime – Tell Myself I’m Happy (Dirty)

Anime – The Day After (Dirty)

  • That is some good stuff. Thanks D4V.

  • ducati_agb

    Nice find man…great laid-back beats.

  • Grfxguy

    I’m going to have to pick this one up. It’s funky and it’ll rock on the new system.

  • The choons are dope

    Lose the colour by numbers political ideology.

  • Grfxguy

    Yeah, listening to it again the lyrics kinda bite. The melody and rhythm is solid though.