A strange (new?!) country

MaxPower October 16th, 2007

Transnistria. Heard of it? Me either, until today.

Apparently a breakaway ex-Soviet republic, it tried to separate from Moldova in 1990. It is also (confusingly) known as Pridnestrovie. A war of independence followed between the mighty Moldovian and Transnistrian armies which ended in a stalemate in 1992. Since then it is kinda-sorta a country, but not really, you know, since internationally it is recognized as part of Moldova and all that. Kind of like their ex-Communist leader is, apparently, a sorta-Sean Connery impersonator.


Check out the Transnistria’s government press website and take a look at the headlines. I can’t decide which I like better “(Some) international observers call elections free, democratic” or “No evidence of smuggling; allegations ‘wildly exaggerated'”, or maybe “Mudslinging: Black Hole or Black Ops”. Don’t forget they love to slam Moldova with headlines like “Moldova: Model to follow… or human rights disaster?”. You have to hand it to them, they know how to make an impressive website.

For all your Transistrian news don’t forget to visitThe Tiraspol Times, Tiraspol being the capital of Transnistria. I love the headline – “Venezuela shares your wish for freedom!” or “Tiraspol turns 215, new anthem, street parties”. Good times.

Transistrian Voters!

So as a public service annoucement to inform our readers about this new sort-of-country, here is a Transnistria government sponsored David Letterman-esque top 10 list about things you didn’t know about Transnistria. (Is #1 that I didn’t know it existed?)

10. It has double Iceland’s population! (Stuff that in your geothermal hole Iceland)
9. It is a multi-party democracy (Which apparently can elect a parliament but not dislodge “Sean Connery” who has run things since 1991)
8. It has signed the UN human rights charter (Can non-countries do that? Can I be a signatory of the UN human rights charter?)
7. It is a market based economy (and it has its own currency, but according to Wikipedia it wanted a “Brezhnev-style planned economy” which as all Commies know is the best kind of planned economy)
6. 35 nationalities live there (35!)
5. OSCE-ruled Elections (They are obviously big on getting the point across that elections are “free”, they are free dammit)
4. A Clean report from EU border monitors (Smuggling not more than any other country in Europe!)
3. Historically never a part of Moldova (Hear that Moldova? NEVER!)
2. Industrial Powerhouse (Then they say “while poor, (Transnistria is) richer (on a per-capita basis) and more industrialized than Moldova” – so suck on that Moldova, suck on that)

and number 1

1. Government Success “For the past 17 years, Pridnestrovie has is a socially coherent society which has been successful in delivering all of the basic fundamental public goods expected from the state”. Nooooooo, they’re not longing for the glorious Communist past…

Check the whole list out here

And linkage to a Reuters story here

Transnistria Ruble = Sweetness

If anyone in the Transnistrian government reads this send us an email us at contact@r4nt.com, we’d love to come check out Tiraspol!