Daft Punk is the hotness

MaxPower October 19th, 2007

So what did the world of hip hop only hear about Daft Punk this year?

First the Kayne West hit “Stronger” using the Punk song “Harder Better Faster Stronger”. As someone said to me recently – the only thing good about that song is the Daft Punk sample. But that hasn’t stopped Kayne from scoring a huge hit utilizing house music from 2001.

Of course, that gives Will.i.am an idea. Any other Daft Punk songs out there that are awesome? To which someone replies, what about “Around the World” which, of course, was the huge hit of the group’s “Homework” album, released in, wait for it, 1997.

And as www.kovideo.net described it:

“Will.I.Am did a remix of “I Got It from My Mama” which included a sample from Daft Punk’s “Around the World.” According to Stereogum.com, will.i.am got so carried away with the idea of working some Daft Punk into his act — ’cause they’re hott this year! — that he forgot to check if it was cool with the robots. So he went ahead and remixed “I Got It From My Mama” (the previously alluded to track about female hot-gene inheritance) with Daft staple “Around The World.” And then he shot a video. And then he asked permission. And then permission was denied. “

Here is the remix video. It is on YouTube and since it’s an unauthorized remix, you may have to search around for it if this version was taken down.

If you don’t get the robots reference – go watch the original video.

Daft Punk rules.

  • Grfxguy

    I was listening to my Daft Punk CD two summers ago when working up north. Stupid guy in my truck decided he didn’t like it, so he took it out and tossed it into a swamp :( Still haven’t replaced it, but I think I ripped it to my computer first.

    Definitely the only good part of Kanye’s song is the sample. The bass distortion is absolutely horrid and all it serves to do is make everybody have a headache. It starts strong, until that bass kicks in. Then it just sucks.

  • Sacrilege!

  • Epic video: