J-Live this Friday @ The Cherry Lounge!

David Gluzman October 31st, 2007

A few of us from R4NT will be attending the J-Live show this friday at the Cherry Lounge. I’m super stoked about this as J-Live is probably my favourite emcee.

As an emcee, dee-jay, producer and CEO of his aptly named company Triple Threat Productions, J-Live’s music has been a staple of inspiration for listeners of hip hop from New York to Cali and around the world. His discography spans over 10 years and includes three full-length albums, an EP, a collection of earlier singles, as well as countless guest appearances and features.

Tickets are available at Giant 45 and are $20. See you there!

  • Ducati AGB

    How was this show anyway?

  • D4V

    Started off late as usual.. I think he finally got on stage at 11:30 or so.. Opened up with a boring DJ set (at least I found it boring cause we just waited around for a few hours listening to DJ sets). Granted he finally got on the mic and all was forgiven.. He put on an awesome show! :)