Line vs Armada

David Gluzman November 3rd, 2007

Line vs Armada

So.. Currently debating on with set of AT capable skis I’d like to get this year. I’m going for something relatively lightweight, but also a bit freestyle. I’ve looked at a bunch of stuff ranging from the Salomon Gun 1080s, Rossignol Scratch BC something or other, Dynastar Big Trouble (as I currently ride the regular Trouble Makers) and a few others in between..

I’ve boiled it down to these two guys..

Line Prophet 100
[172mm] 134 / 100/ 125mm

Armada JP vs Julien Signature Series
[178cm] 126 / 103 / 116mm

Thought I’d open it up to anyone that might have an opinion.. Currently I’m sitting at a coin flip since they seem very similar and cost about the same.

  • Have absolutely no idea, but if anyone has any thoughts on cross country skis – be interested in hearing them too.

  • D4V

    Oh man! So did some more digging.. and I found a pair of the Armada from last year (ironically what so-coaddict reviewed last year) on the cheap..

    Done and done!

    They look like this:

  • Grfxguy

    Sweet holy powder skis, batman! :) Those look like fun. I dinged my snowboard last year on a big rock hidden in the pow, seperated a 6″ secton of the cap from the base and dented in about 2″ of the toe edge. Totally unrepairable, but I’m hoping to get another year out of it. If it’s managed to rot out on the inside at all, it’ll be like riding a 2×4.

    I’m looking at the Prior MFR board if I need a new one :) Handcrafted in BC and top of the line.

  • All I can say is… I’m jealous.

  • How much do those run?

  • D4V

    In Canada.. I saw the Line for $699 and the Armada for $749.. I found the previous years edition online for $399usd. :D

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  • BC

    Yo man if yur still debating it go with armada u will not regret it the skis are amazing i would never ride anything different

  • D4V

    @BC, yeah man I pulled the trigger on those early in the season.. They’re awesome. :)

  • c0k3fi3nd

    I have to say the prophet’s are sick and i’ve been riding them all season

  • Ok, my turn. A new season is rapidly approaching and I’m looking for new AT planks.

    If I were to get new season 2009s, I’d go with either:

    K2 – Hell Bent ($875)
    [179] 150 / 122 / 189mm

    Armada – The ANT ($749)
    [191] 133 / 107 / 123mm

    Volkl – Katana ($995)
    [176] 141 / 111 / 131mm

    Currently very interested in the K2s, but all of the ’09s are a bit pricey. Worth it? Of course. Thing is, I’ve browsed around for last year’s models and nothing overly intrigues me. Last year’s ANT looks like ass and well, the 2009 Hell Bent’s look way cool.

    Check out Powder Magazine’s 2009 Buyers Guide for all of this season’s gear.

    P.S. I’ll be appending a set of Fritschi Freeride Plus AT bindings by Diamir to whatever planks I get. And lets face it, they would look best on the Hell Bent’s.

  • Ah ha! I’ve figured out what I want to get for skis this year.

    Quilted Leather Skis by Chanel.

    Quilted Leather Skis by Chanel

    P.S. I am so not serious. *lol*