Steal lots of music and stuff

David Gluzman December 20th, 2007

..well actually maybe you shouldn’t…

Gord goes into great detail today about the current state of the Canadian DCMA versus the American version as well as where copy right fits in with world economics. Interesting and timely read.

Here’s a quote:

Every artist is a cannibal every poet is a thief….and every company producing content of value depends on the public domain as a source of inspiration. Walt Disney’s early films were based on stories in the public domain, yet copyright has continually been extended to the effect that no Walt Disney content has yet fallen into the public domain.

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  • The Post had this to say today:

    “We don’t know exactly what happened to Industry Minister Jim Prentice on his way to Parliament with a new copyright law. But we do know he never showed up as planned on Tuesday, and the bill never appeared.”

    So it looks like it may be on haitus.

  • There’s now a video embedded in the article if you want to check that out MaxPower, although its probably preaching to the converted.

  • Grfxguy

    I’m in the presence of the master :) Good stuff Gord!

    Now for a serious question: I do a bit of DJ work. There’s an organization called the AVLA (Audio-Video Licensing Agency, Inc.) who charges hefty fees for the RIGHT for DJ’s to play music, EVEN PURCHASED MUSIC. Here’s just a sample:

    “Fee: The licence fee is $312.50 (plus an administrative fee of $25 and GST or HST) per computer hard drive.”

    So for two hard drives, one for use and a back-up, you’re looking at $689.00 PER YEAR to own that music again.

    Here’s the kicker:

    “All AVLA licenses (including the CDJA and CRDMO) strictly prohibit downloading music from the Internet. Songs copied under an AVLA license must be taken from a physical source made by a record company ‚Äì like a store-bought CD.”

    I don’t make any money off the business as it is, and they want me to fork over more cash for stuff I’ve already bought? Does this fall into your idea of a fair copyright or am I overstepping the discussion a bit?

  • No, that’s valid too. I mean this issue is crazy broad and stifling. I was promoting the blog post and a friend emailed me this…

    Jim Prentice is my MP, your article did get me off my ass and get me to write an email to him. DMCA isn’t just about music either.. it can make things difficult for small software developers. (reverse engineer another company’s file format, not even anything to do with copy protection? Not with DMCA). Have a website that links to an article that talks about reverse engineering software? Not with DMCA. If you were a big multinational with bucks to fight out a court battle it might not be a problem but what little guy is going to deal with that. Meantime, big companies can hold the DMCA and an army of lawyers over the heads of the little guys if they get out of line. It’s an example of how laws can have unintended consequences if you start making them for no good reason.

    …which I responded that I’d never really considered DMCA as a non-multimedia issue.

    The only subject I deliberately avoided was software patents, which are also crippling innovation. But I didn’t want to confuse the issue if it is outside the scope of the proposed legislation.

    I’d LOVE for someone to leak the bill in any of its proposed stages. I keep seeing people blogging about rumors as to its contents and that it is indeed a Canadian DMCA. Someone just photocopy the sucker I’ll post it as JPG!

  • D4V


    * 85 cents for rewritable CDs and MiniDisc
    * $2 for 1 GB removable electronic memory cards
    * $25 for a digital audio recorder between 1 and 10 GBs
    * $75 for digital audio recorder of more than 30 GBs


  • Pisses me off that the tariff is on all rewriteable CDs. I use them for backing up my files, not music, yet I still need to pay. $0.85 is more than the cost of the unit.

  • And here:

    “According to the Canadian Recording Industry Association, 35 per cent fewer CDs were sold in the first quarter of 2007 than in the same period the year previous. The levies, the CPCC says, would counter the losses felt behind the counters at CD stores across the country.”

    Wait. What? So people aren’t buying CDs anymore… moving to downloading off iTunes and other networks. Sooooo, the consumer is getting hit to “counter the losses behind the counters at CD stores?” Last time I checked it wasn’t the consumers who should “make up losses” when moving to another technology. I blame the mainstream music industry (CRIA and RIAA) for their hanging on to an archaic business model.

  • I think they just refuse to consider another option: that a ton of music these days just plain sucks, and fewer people are buying. And now that those people who ARE buying have the option of picking exactly which songs they want (why buy the whole thing when you can have the chart topper?) they’re seeing a slide.

  • Here you go as well, courtesy of the EFF

  • A proposed levy on digital music players that became known this summer as the “iPod tax” has been struck down after opponents argued it was unfair to Canadians.

    The Federal Court of Appeal has ruled that the Canadian Copyright Board did not have the right to put levies on new digital music players when it announced such fees would be allowed starting this year.

    The board wanted to place a charge of between $5 and $75 on each new device, depending on the number of songs it could hold. Those fees, which are similar to the levies on blank compact discs, are designed to compensate the recording industry for music that is copied.

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