Very Sad: Heli Pilot Dead

David Gluzman February 8th, 2008

So if you recall a few weeks ago (maybe 2?) I went off heli skiing in Golden. This morning however I saw the following news:

A chopper carrying nine people on a heli-skiing trip in southeastern B.C. crashed near Golden on Thursday, killing the pilot.

The helicopter was on its way back to the Purcell Helicopter Skiing Ltd. base in Golden just before 3:30 p.m. when it lost altitude and hit the ground with what the RCMP termed “sufficient force to have the blades break off” its rotor.

Six passengers — four from outside B.C. and two from outside Canada — walked away uninjured from the wreck, which remained upright. Two Purcell staffers from Golden were hospitalized. One was released, but one was later flown to a Calgary hospital by STARS air ambulance.

Calgary Herald Article

Needless to say this is extremely sad, but even closer to my heart because this was the same pilot I only just recently met and flew with. :(

My thoughts are with the pilot, his family and the rest of Purcell heli ski organization.

  • Damn yo… thats some sad news. Scary too, knowing you were just doing that not too long ago. :o(

  • Crazy scary. Helicopters in the mountains is indeed dangerous but that hits pretty close to home.

    Do you know about their safety stats? (i.e. is this the first accident they have had or…)

  • D4V

    Dunno.. But they’ve been doing this thing for 30+ years..