AutoShow 2008

David Gluzman March 16th, 2008

For the fourth year in a row we present the Calgary AutoShow!

Not much more to it than that.. Same kinda layout as previous years, same sorta crowd, and same sorta cars. No GT40s this year mind you.. However there was the new Nissan GT (Skyline?) but it seemed very much concept like still sooooooo..

Anyone else get the chance to check it out this year?

  • GT-R was not a concept :) It sounded beautiful when it rolled in in Edmonton. Road and Track did a big article on it a few months back. I think they plan on having these in dealerships by the end of the year.

  • D4V

    Cool.. Too bad they didn’t put it on the floor then for all to take a closer look.. Cars on platforms (unless supercars) I tend to kinda pass over quickly. I wanna get in! :)

  • I also disagree with the 1-series review. Gorgeous car, and the 135 coupe comes with the same twin-turbo inline 6 that’s rocking the 335ci. For half the price. Hmmm….

  • No disagreeing allowed!

  • Jawohl, mein fuhrer.

  • In the spirit of disagreeing – here is the top 100 “most beautiful cars” according to the London Telegraph, a paper most noted for its insane love for anything British. As such you’ll see a whole wack of weird looking British cars on this list.

  • Ducati AGB

    Uh, the 1-series doesn’t do much for me until the diesel engines are released and even then I think it is foolish that it is only marginally cheaper than the 3-series. The styling doesn’t do much for me either.

    I liked the call on the Lambo, but I think that the Audi R8 deserves at least an honorable mention. I saw a couple in London recently and yeah, if anyone wants to trade a kidney for one, get in touch.

  • D4V

    Good call Ducati.. The R8 is mad pimpage.. And it was at the autoshow, silver on silver (yawwwwn), and was completely swarmed (granted it was on the floor which is great).

    Hope to get a ride in one sometime soon. :)

  • I only know of one R8 in Calgary (Grey on White) … I’ve seen it a couple of times, and hear the order list for getting one is pretty much impossible to get on.

  • Yeah actually, I think it didn’t get any mention because as D4V said, it was wayyyy to crowded around there.

  • On the R8 note, the Audi Canada website now offers users the option to build an R8 …. hmmm, 6-speed for $139,000… or the R-Tronic for $150,500 … I’m so indecisive…

  • I just got back from the BMW Performance Driving Center in Spartanburg, SC (

    The 135i is a monster. In their unofficial drag testing at the track, the 135 has beat the new M3 every time. (The M3 eventually catches up above 70-mph). They call it a “M2.5”.

  • Impressive – good shots too. I liked the skid training ones.

    How much does that experience cost?

    I was considering doing something like that in Germany, combined with a whole autobahn driving experience.

  • You can take European delivery of any BMW, Porsche, Mercedez, Volvo. You get to saunter around Europe for a week or two, then they ship your car back to Canada. Volvo is really the only one who advertises it, but you can do it with all of them.

    BMW is also hosting a 1-Series test driving event in Calgary at Race City. and click the ad to sign up :)

  • Quasor


    Delivery at the Performance Center is *free*, they even throw in 1-night hotel stay and dinner in addition to the all day driving event & tour). You just have to drive home from South Carolina.

    BMW also provides a nice incentive, usually about 7% discount, for European Delivery. They also do a 2-for-1 flight deal on Lufthansa.

    The only downside to European Delivery is the time it’s on the boat (4-6 weeks).

    You can also combine European Delivery and Performance Center delivery.

    Unless you can’t spare the time off to drive your new BMW home, this is a the best way to get one.

  • I assume this is only if you buy a car and not lease?

  • Quasor

    Correct. Also, BMW manufacturing model is that everything is built to order, unlike Toyota that for the majority builds many cars and then just routes them.

  • I thought the US delivery was only for the three or four models that are built at the South Carolina plant.