Article: Six Stops in London

David Gluzman April 12th, 2008


One of the images that kinda puzzled me when Ducati AGB passed on this article to me was this picture of a Sphinx! I’ve been to London but don’t ever remember seeing this… Weird.

Anyways.. Glad to see Ducati sporting a half decent camera these days! Heh.. Anyways, Six Stops in London, is a perfect example of how much ground you can cover in a single day in London. I had similar experience last year but extended my loop to include passing by the Ninja Tune office to say hello. Good times.

So yeah.. Where the heck is that Sphinx?

  • The Sphinx is on the Embankment on the opposite side of Thames from the London Eye. They are there because of Cleopatra’s Needle, an Egyptian obelisk, which is also on the Embankment (Paris has one too outside the Louvre). I used to walk by that every day for two years…

    Also, I’d say the Tate Modern is my favourite museum. And the fact that it is free? Best part of London man, the museums. I used to go to the National Gallery for a stroll at lunch.

  • I loved all of these locations when I was there last year. Seeing Monets and Rembrants at the National Gallery were absolutely stunning, and having a pint in a bar located some 4 stories underground in an old cellar was definitely memorable. I like London.