Happy GTA IV Day

MaxPower April 29th, 2008


No, I didn’t wait up until midnight to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy of the Xbox 360 version of the game. That comes today.

I’ll post some early thoughts later but here are some headlines to tide you over.

Salon Reviews: “Grand Theft Auto IV” will change your life

WSJ: Record Sales Expected for GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV: Open Paper Bag, Insert Head


  • I still recall playing GTA1 for aaaaaaaages.. Oooh. DOS.

  • GTA I did indeed rock.

    Initial opinion from opening up the box? Massssssive.

    They have a big subway map – you can hit up Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx via subway and then into NJ with the tunnels & bridges. Apparently it is the sameish size as San Andreas except all playable areas (no vast hills of nothingness).

  • And of course the response from Mr. Crazy himself Jack Thompson

    “According to online technology news site Softpedia, Thompson wrote an e-mail to Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick’s mother (Take-Two is Rockstar’s parent company).

    “Your son last week was reported to have said the following about Grand Theft Auto IV,” the letter allegedly began. “‘We’ve already received numerous reviews, and to a one, they are perfect scores. My mom couldn’t write better reviews…’ Taking your son’s thought, I would encourage you either to play this game or have an adroit video gamer play it for you. Some of the latter gamers are on death row, so try to find one out in the civilian population who hasn’t killed someone yet.”

    In an e-mail to CNET News.com Monday, Thompson confirmed that he wrote the letter, but said he sent it to Strauss’ attorney and not to his mother.

    “I sent it to Strauss’ attorney to make the point that if you drag your mother into your porn business pimping,” Thompson told me by e-mail, “you had better be prepared for blowback.”