Happy Day After GTA IV Day

MaxPower April 30th, 2008

As some (avg age 33 yr old) gamers wake up with GTA IV hangovers, literally and otherwise, there seems to be some problem a-brewing with issues that GTA IV is freezing up.

Interestingly enough, the issues seem to be impacting both PS3 and Xbox 360 games, with PS3 games more hit. Rockstar has not commented yet.

PS3 box No issues on my end, unless by issues you mean that time when I bumped into a cop, he dropped his coffee and insulted me, so I shot him, and ended up getting my car destroyed by gunfire while I was bailing out and died hitting a lightpost. Yeah, so, other than that? Nothing wrong.

Oh and my conclusion on GTA in general? The game plays like previous editions of GTA – you liked San Andreas, you’ll like Liberty City. The biggest new feature is the more intelligent “star wanted level” meter which shows you where cops are who are chasing you and provides a geographic area you need to get out of in order to evade them. The game is absolutely huge. Any casual gamer will have this game for months on end trying to finish it.

  • uuuuh..

    Saw this today.. Was in awe..

  • No longer available…

  • Just got it today.. Played it for an hour or so.. Looks interesting, but can’t fairly comment on this one yet.. I sense a LIVE game coming up. ;)