Iron Man Reviews

MaxPower May 2nd, 2008

One of the Google Trend’s top searches today is Iron Man Reviews and while Iron Man has been bandied about as an example of a movie which will have its opening weekend beat down by GTA IV apparently people are still interested in seeing the reviews.

Iron Man

So here we go:

CNN: ‘Iron Man’ packs a terrific punch

Boston Globe: Flash in the can

Salt Lake City Review: Downey comes on strong in semi-ingenious ‘Iron Man’

Washington Post: Downey’s Dented ‘Iron Man’

You’re welcome.

  • I see this movie as being 50/50. Might be good… might be bad. All I know is, I’m gonna shed a tear for the R8 (they wrecked four making the film, and didn’t even get the shot they were after).