Xbox Live HD Movie Downloads (Canada)

David Gluzman May 5th, 2008

Xbox Marketplace

So after a long weekend of helping bring in a Stag I decided to dust off the 50 foot Cat 5 cable and stretch it out to the Xbox. At first it was to try out my new copy of GTA, but then later I was exploring the newish (a few months old now) Xbox Live Marketplace.

To my surprise there were a few movies on there of which you could download/rent HD copies of. Having never experienced the “direct download” from Xbox before I decided to spend the premium of around $8 and got “The Kite Runner“. The download weighed in at around 6 gigabytes so I figured I might be able to start watching it the next day (seriously that’s a lot of bytes), but to my surprise I was able to start the movie about 2 minutes after purchasing (impressive). Sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the movie.

Overall the movie was decent, the quality was great and the experience was flawless. There were no skipping or buffering issues, you could pause/start at anytime and generally didn’t notice a difference from the normal “rental of an disc” type experience. Handy that I didn’t have to walk outside and go to “lackluster” video (which doesn’t have the content in HD). I could definitely see myself renting from the marketplace again, however the current selection in Canada is somewhat lacking (yet of course the US version is well stocked, surprise surprise).

Might have to try the iTunes movie rentals now…