Kasematten Konsensus [springeight day 1]

Anhedonia May 22nd, 2008

Roni Size

Back for a third year of springfestival, with it’s age coinciding with R4NT’s inception, it seems to be one of those things that just keeps getting better with time. Hovering on a precipice, one cannot help but feel that this urban festival could, at moment, ignite with full-fledged acclaim and receive the international preference in electronica hearts around the world. There are more lights, more cameras, more venues, and more action packed into each night’s line-up than ever before. The Kasematten, with its beautiful red brick and ivy coated walls, hosted an opening line up of much magnitude.

Inner City Dwellers

Inner City Dwellers inhabited the stage with its full crew to give one the sense of days of past, when real bands came on the scene. The twist is the reggae rock element; don’t dreads always pull in the crowd?!


With platinum blonde edgy style, Robyn pounded the hearts of the crowd who were all excitable to catch her live. Cover songs and originals alike were performed, and long after all the line up was over, young Austrian boys still sang her words through out the streets of Graz. Wonder what Robyn makes of a mosh pit of young men at her feet?!

Roni Size

Heroes. Live. Need I say more? Awe inspired by the female vocals, fortunate to have experienced this moment, it was one of the most memorable. Seeing Roni Size and Reprazent live, with stage presence exuding years of experience and confidence, this performance was ace. So many treats packed into one show, it made you wish their portion was just a little bit longer so you could savor some more!

Roisin Murphy

Longing for some old Roisin Murphy, her unique vocals indulged the crowd with one classic from the Moloko days. Moving into her new album, Kasematten consensus clearly demonstrated its affinity to hear her new generation identity. Weilding sharp-shouldered jackets and a new hat each song, my favorite for sure was the last, with the pie face scene. Unclear as to its true meaning, it seemed like a cheeky comment. Interpret it however you like, but do check it out.

The Streets

And last, but not least, jam packed for this last performance, the crowds tasted the Streets live before their upcoming album release this August. Fortunate and demonstrative that springfestival brings you the best of the best a bit before the rest of the world gets to experience. It’s lead singer Matt, fresh from filming his TV series on the Cote de Azure lit it up.

Streets of Graz

The ongoings around town are, again, in full force, and it’s great to get to some new and very funky venues. Graz never ceases to be the greatest place to visit.

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  • Wish I was in Europe right now, all this damn rain…