Build your own adventure springfestival [springeight day 2]

Anhedonia May 23rd, 2008

After the first night of hitting the head liners, this festival turns into a make your own personal adventure! This year, pass holders are privy to 16 host pubs and venues – which equates to a couple of things… one being the increased number of shows to catch, the other being a need to get around the city. The way to do it, which is exceptionally fun with an Austrian driver who hammers corners of cobble stone streets, is to catch one of the mini’s in the Mini fleet. Definitely very fun if you can find a mini that is empty!

Red Bull Music

Going back to the start of the day, Day 2 of the springfestival started off the Red Bull Music Academy. With interviews lead by FM4’s Heinz Reich, this discussion uncovers the evolution and history of each artist presenting. Initially pumped to catch Juan Atkins live in person, I was choked I was running late – Stadt was all I saw on the program in a rush…but it was Stadtmuseum, not stadtpark…


It’s been stated that once a year someone jams on a show. And by jam, I mean ditch, no show, MIA. This year was Juan. Disappointed by this legend, who has chapters and books on him in the DJ anthologies around the world, I must admit the plan B acadamy day with XRS was awesome. This samba inspired drum and base master likens himself to being a geek. With the XRS name itself, you might be able to pick it out, but when you hear him speak and see his set up of multiple computers, it becomes very evident. Filled with jazz and samba back rhythms, tracks from Dizzy Gillespie, and vocals from the legendary Gilberto, anyones hips could pick out a loose and unique groove to move to in the midst of all the drum and bass that XRS and his crew mix. Dom im berg hosted his DJ show later on that night, responding to the crowds movement, the mood created was uplifting – enough so that I should heavily consider travelling to Sao Paulo to snag just a little bit more!

Arabian Prince

Why it is difficult to climb stairs, get pants on, or even move today is because of the hours spent sweting ones soul and bouncing to the balkan music scene. PPC did not have a still set of feet in it all night, and the entertainement and pure wholehearted enjoyment that comes from Shantel, and anything on Shantel’s lable (like Boom Pam) is a great time! If what you imagine early DJing to be involves heavy gold chains, spinning decks, deep vocal MCs and a lot of song recognition from the crowd, Arabian Prince and Egyptian lover was the show for you.

…And the list goes on…
But this was my personal adventure of day 2.
You should come build your own!

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    Pack me in your suitcase for next year………so, so jealous