More than the music! [springeight day 3]

Anhedonia May 24th, 2008

Robert Owens

It’s a double edged sword. Perss. You feel at some points like the luckiest person in the world, and at other times, you feel like it is all a matter of time before someone clues into the fact that you have no business being here.

But what is the defining moment or the frame of mind that segregates the two? If you went to day 3 of springfestival and attended Red Bull Music Academy, you can attest to the fact that if you put your nose down and plow through you can, if determined, accomplish whatever you want. Be it elevator music, to stardom, to PGA Pro Golfer, it is completely up to you. And that is why THIS is what you need to encorporate into your being.

Sure, springfestival means music, sure it means a good line up, sure it means a lot of work…BUT! What it really embellishes is that dreams, despite poverty, and outside shots with stats stacked against you, mean zip, zilch, nien, schite. Go. Carpe Diem. Do what youl will. But do ponder. What is it that makes you groove? Pick your beat and enjoy the day. Who cares if it’s fitting of societal norms. Kudos if you found it.

My suggestion? If you need more cretivity and inspiration to find whatever it is, springfesitival might help you out, or just being in Europe. Why? Because it’s more liberal. It is what it is. They accept culture, sex, love and life. It is intoxicating. Pure. Real. Accepting. Thank you for annually awakening my soul, it means so much.

*More Images from day 3 at springeight.