Get Physical [springeight day 4]

Anhedonia May 25th, 2008

What physically is it the body encounters during springfestival?

Start with fasion: Presentation of one’s physical self is the start to it all. Big boots. High heels. Long socks. Bright yellow tights. Tank tops. Long sleeved shirts that become saturated by the end of the night. T shirts with paraphanalia. Converse shoes. Adidas. Gold chains. Scarves. Hand held fans to keep you moderated. Sunglasses. Straws jammed into your hair. A springfestival pass. Your all time favorite R4NT button. Jewlery. Large and bold belt buckles. Gemmed out, diamond encrusted gizmo watches. Hats of all kinds. Shoes of all kinds. Cellphones of mass quantities. Ear plugs. A sweat band around your wrist. Bandaids on your feet to get you through the night. Hardcore, hella expensive digital photography equipment. Duffel bags, sling bags, purses, and oh yes…how sad but true…they’re still around…The Fanny Pack! Oh God! Did I mention faux hawks, crazy braids stacked ontop of the head, enough bobbi pins to detonate any airport metal detector out there? And that’s just the part you take care of before you even get there.

Then there is the physical sustinance. Mini T mobil bags of peanuts or gummi bears. Rum balls. ETOH or any substance you choose. Uppers, downers, mellow-ers, smack, crack, so much smoking it’s outrageous! You name it, the physical response could be madness. Kidneys, livers and bloodstreams are in high function to try and compensate for whatever flows through you these past four days.

And where does it all go? Sweat, blood, tears, B.Ö? In the Mur? Some abyss? Shake it off or sleep it out, but whatever homeostatic state you reach, just make sure you can sustain it for 4 days. It would be a shame to blow a pupil on the first day at the Kasematten, hit the floor, and depend on a bunch of english speaking Canucks to try and find a pulse for you.

But speaking of pulse…shall we move into physicality of music?

For starters, your shirt, pants and very own heart will move to the music whether you join them or not. You can pick whatever genre from hundreds available to move yourself to. This year, you could even visit the synthesizer park and create your own version of anything you like on relics from the past! Bop your head, shuffle your feet, whail your elbows and arms, jump to the sky, verberate your brain and obtain pilaris erectus from catching Robert Owens sing live! You will, no matter what, exercise your cochlea.

The VJ’s, the lighting, and the various other visual workouts will alter perceptions at any given momemnt. Simple things, like just experiencing a revolving dancefloor at Thalia Bar, or being mezmerized by just staring at that revolving dance floor were highlights. The grey matter will awaken, and you will be surprised at the vault you have for random lyrics you haven’t heard in decades. Gilles Peterson is amazing for pulling out those moments and mixes things you felt were outside the grasp of possibility. What might also hurt the grey matter is to try to make sense of some quasi mickey mouse looking man with leiderhosen on his head.

Should one look back to what else a night at the springfestival has included, it would be the following: fine dining, great vino, cheep road pops, gag-a-licious campari and soda, and wodka – I love that it’s spelled with a ‘w’ here! Street meat is not your usual hot dogs because the Austrians are refined enough to offer a selection of veggie burgers, gyros, and yes, schnitzel. Mmm. Espresso and RedBull are a must mention, that’s the key for lasting until 8 am.

Sexual expression is also the physical side effect from this springfestival. Steming from shaking one’s booty, how can you not get the impulse for what inately makes us human? Once described to me as a much needed addition to Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, sex underpins some of the movement out there. These springfestival goers are apt to express sexuality with public, legnthy, steamy dancing sessions, followed with make out sessions anywhere! Europe embraces sexuality much more than any american embraces a gun, you decide which continent you want to be on. I pick the erotik land. How can that movement ever go wrong?

And the crash point…also amusing. Spent springfest goers K.O’d on steps, trams, benches, partial walls, anywhere really…Danke hotel Daniel for the late checkout … my physical being is so appreciative!

*Photos from Day 4!

  • The photos are insane.

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