Fuck you Rogers?

David Gluzman June 28th, 2008

For those that haven’t yet seen the sad plans that Rogers has released for the new iPhone.. Well then.. I guess you need to update yourself. Let me sum you up quickly..

Minimum price point per month.. $60.. No unlimited data plan available at any price point. What the rest of Canada thinks of it:


Sign up and let them know what you think!

PS. The good side is that data is UP, from 4 megs (1992 usage?) to 400megs..

*Update.. The site has now changed to www.ruinediphone.com

  • Yeah, but getting upset about this would imply I wanted to buy something made by Apple. Sorry, not happening.

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  • I’ve also blogged about this. I’ll be cancelling my Rogers plan, only 4 months into my 3 year contract. Screw them. They aren’t getting my $4000 over the next three years. http://netchick.ca/archives/1211

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  • Does it make sense for me to pursue picking up the old iPhone hardware via eBay or a shopping trip in the states? I was holding out to see if it was worth going “legit” on Rogers, and it doesn’t appear so… I knew the 3 year contract was coming, but 3 years at $60/mo is quite a contract. I mean ultimately I know I’d have to pay Rogers for data, but if I unlock a phone I can at least sign up to the cheapest data plan every year. Anyone got thoughts on that?

  • The biggest battle here is obviously not about the iPhone generally, but about the insane mobile phone prices Canadians are saddled with. While this home grown revolt may impact some small segment of the population, the biggest issue is how everyone and their dog has 3G in Europe and Asia for less cash while we are stuck dealing with quasi-monopoly pricing (if not monopoly then duopoly or a comfortable oligopoly).

    While I was initially heartened to see the extra wireless spectrum auctioned off by the government it now appears that Telus, BCE and Rogers are grabbing the lions share of the new spectrum and things likely won’t change in the short to medium term.

    In my opinion, it isn’t Jobs who should be appealed to (he has no impact on carrier pricing and is just a device manufacturer) but the teleco’s themselves. But the only way that will happen is if people stop signing on for these insane contracts to begin with.

  • Your opinion seems a little stronger than my own! Okay, maybe not. I’m going to hold off on the iPhone for now… I’m not givin’ in to the man so easily :D

  • TDJ

    Wow, those plans you Canadians get for the iPhone are ridiculous, and on a 3 year plan?! We never have mobile phone plans that are longer than 2, and I think the cheapest plan announced so far in Australia is a $30AU a month for 24 months, where three of our telcos are getting the iPhone. I couldn’t see any pre-paid options for the iPhone is this not an option in Canada? One of our more discount type telcos is going to offer a pre-paid iPhone which can be unlocked for a small fee. I thought we had it bad.

  • TDJ

    The image below gives a good run down of all the pricing internationally in Australian dollars:


  • Thanks for that TDG – good example of another “small” market which compares nicely to Canada.

  • This is out today – Bell is offering the Samsung Instinct for $149 + $40/month for a “modest” voice plan and unlimited data (ex. GPS & live TV)

    So yeah, plan or phone?


  • freedom rider

    Phuck the iPhone

    Try the “Open Moko” instead…a completely hackable phone…you’re going to need it if Harper and his cronies pass Bill C-61 in the fall and make hacking or “opening up” mobile phones illegal.


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