Quick Review: The Dark Knight

Anhedonia July 16th, 2008

A heavy weight surrounding this film leaves me asking myself what shapes my impression about it all. The world will go into theatres this Friday with conceptions, whatever they may be. Access to long winded, very detailed accounts of The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan, can be found everywhere, but I’m not convinced it is the critical analysis people will talk about. Coming away from it, the impact it leaves is this: The Dark Knight, contrasted by a greatly performed villain, articulates the original essence of this comic storyline. Batman is portrayed as standing in the darkness as much as he stands in the light, and the Joker…well…decades of discussion will follow that performance.

Sometimes performances and works are meant to be experienced. To have impact where they may, on whatever realm you wish it to. But I’m conflicted by my perceptions, less critical in some way quite simply because of the circumstance surrounding this film. I feel that this is a time where you go to the theater to observe this work, and that you leave with an aspect of respect for what was left on the screen…and I do respect it, a lot, it’s significant, but I leave as an observer, not an analyzer.

And at the end of the day, if given the task to envelop your mind into the depths of a sinister character for months, one who actively objects normative morals and dedicates time to questioning the reasoning of masses, what mindspace would that leave you in?

*Checkout more, including the trailer at http://thedarkknight.warnerbros.com/

  • Cineplex announced today that advanced ticket sales are the highest of all time for Cineplex. Advance sales are now up to $1 million dollars which I guess indicates that ~83,000 tickets have been sold at about $12/pop in Canada.

    Decent, although I kind of had the impression more people bought tickets ahead of time for the show-time of their choice. Guess it is not as common as I thought.

  • Interesting review, I am sure you liked it, but you holding something back, you aren’t telling me anything that I don’t already expect. Which is good cause it builds it up in my mind.

    Looking forward to it, cause my wife is tired of Batman Begins running in the background all the time… I bet she can’t wait for this one.

  • So I checked this movie out on Friday night and a full week after it open the theatre was still completely sold out almost 2 hours before the show time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    To get it out of the way I’d rate this an 8/10 as a good summer movie and plausible adaptation of the Batman series. However, I felt it ran about a half hour too long. Additionally, I think the best actors were Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman and could have used more of both. Heath Ledger was completely over the top as the Joker and played the comic book character to a tee. However, if anything I’d say the mere fact that this was the Joker we are talking about and the story is based on a comic book, there was really no other way to play it but over the top creepy. Campy obviously wouldn’t fit within the story arc and while he may be an Oscar contender, I wouldn’t say he will win in a walk…

    Interesting preview for Watchmen as well. I am not a comic book/graphic novel guy at all, but the Watchmen (being the only serious graphic novel that I have read) looked pretty decent.


  • Saw it Monday night, 10:00pm show, maybe 25-30 people in the theatre, and considering I’m not a Christian Bale fan, I admit I quite enjoyed this film. Too long? No way. I loved how just when I thought it was over, it went for another 30 mins. Action packed and had me thrilled from start to finish. Morgan Freeman is, to this day, still one of my top 3 actors of all time, so that helped. And yes, it could have used much more of him. Heath played a pretty darn good Joker, and I even learned how to make a pencil disappear, which I promptly taught to a co-worker this morning when I walked in. I give it an 8.5/10.

    As for the Watchmen, I never got into it when I was a kid, so its all new to me. Trailer looked interesting, but not mind blowing. If anything, I’m more interested in the new Russel Crowe/Leo DiCaprio flick Body of Lies (no official site just yet).

  • The pencil scene was perhaps the best scene in the movie.

  • Pencil scene was awesome.. Pretty much everyone in the theater was gasping or cheering.. Awesome.