R4NT V8 – Phew!

David Gluzman August 22nd, 2008

It’s been long long overdue, and after months of design, code, and brute force data entry; it’s finally live.

To be quite honest most of the design was done back in February, however I wasn’t exactly content with the rails application that I had developed (from back in 2005 ish), and which later Ash helped a bit to try and bring to life v8. So after much deliberation and late nights I decided to refocus the effort. Simply put I realized that R4NT wasn’t an effort in coding, but more an effort in content! Obvious perhaps but over the years it’s been a bit of a mix, and to be honest I quite enjoyed doing the design/code aspects, thus letting go of rails was a tough decision.

Once that decision was made I started importing ALL of r4nt’s content (there’s some stuff missing, like issue intros and gallery pieces), into the new R4NT CMS (content management system). This small step took me well over 100 hours to complete. Painful to say the least (literally, switching mice a few times to help get it done), but now that it’s done I’m super stoked about it.

If you take a few minutes to explore version 8, you’ll notice that you can finally search, and go back through all the articles. We’re also now highlighting some of the past articles on the homepage! Exciting considering how much of the old content is easily forgotten. Heck, I can’t even remember half the stuff I wrote about back in the day (quite embarrassing actually).

Also a new thing, we’ve now got pages that detail the authors. Speaking of which, if you’ve contributed in the past, feel free to fire off a picture to me and I’ll get it up there (rather than the seniors boarding the bus). :)

Another pretty big feature we rolled out was the advent of quick-reviews. If you’ve been watching the blog for a while you’ll already recognize them, but now it’s being moved the magazine itself. Expect to see the content shuffle around more on the homepage now that they’re there (music, movies, wine perhaps as well).

More is in the works, and some bugs to squash (ie6 is pretty f’d up still), but I couldn’t hold it back any longer..

So stay tuned.. More to come.. :)

  • Super cool! I can’t wait to see more. Btw… I will always love my profile image. I think I’ll leave it forever (unless a cooler one is created).

  • I love seeing some of the old articles on the bottom of the page. How often will those refresh?

    I saw this one: http://r4nt.com/article/lets-slap-a-tax-on-that-puppy/

    And for some reason I hadn’t previously considered where the picture came from. However, after just being in NY last week I recognized the shot immediately of Bryant Park in the rain. Interesting how things like that come to you after years (in that case… 6 years).

  • @MaxPower

    The Reading from “Past” Times, refresh all the time.. Depends when you hit it being cached or not mind you.

    Speaking of which.. With caching turned on I for one find the site a LOT zippier.. Anyone else notice that?

  • [creepy voice] Veerrrry nice. So if its not Rails, what is R4NT v8 built on?

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