IE8 Beta 2… Microsoft does something right?

MaxPower August 28th, 2008

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, which they say is ‘ready for average users to try’. That is good enough for #29 on the Google Buzz o meter, but more importantly is this one feature:

In the newest “beta” test version of Microsoft’s forthcoming Internet Explorer 8, which was made available Wednesday, a mode called InPrivateBrowsing lets users surf without having a list of sites they visit get stored on their computers.

The beta also introduces an additional InPrivateBlocking mode, which can block third-party content from appearing on Web sites. InPrivateBlocking can also keep some types of ads from appearing — including those served up by Microsoft’s own advertising platform,

Users surfing with InPrivateBlocking turned on can review a list of which companies are trying to display or collect data. Users also can click a link to read more and decide case by case whether to permit certain ones to go ahead

Not surprisingly, internet advertisers are spooked

If IE8 blocks programs that track how many times an ad is seen — a calculation that helps determine payments to advertisers and publishers — that could also bring down the Web ad marketplace, Zaneis noted.

Merry internet geeks are already calling InPrivateBlocking – ‘porn mode’ and suggest it will play havoc with analytics engines. Good for me the surfer, bad for me the website/blog editor.

I run Firefox 3.0.1 currently but I’ll give this beta a go, see how she runs.

  • “Pron mode” has existed in Safari for years..

    And as for IE.. I don’t care. I really don’t… I develop in it all time, but as it stands IE6 (a 7 year old browser) is still a major concern for anyone developing websites. Maybe if Microsoft could release updates that people would use we could start building sites into the future without this massive lead weight.

    Yay IE8.. Kill IE6! DIE DIE!

  • Kevin Clark

    Yet another example of Microsoft taking technology that Apple implemented first, and making a grandiose announcement as if they created it. Even the name “InPrivateBrowsing” is a rip-off of Safari’s “Private Browsing” mode. If Microsoft ever comes up with an original idea, I’ll probably drop dead of a sudden heart attack.

  • Reality

    So what’s all the hoopla about? Mozilla-based brosers have long allowed you to not keep a history and to block cookies. It’s even customizable. but all this fuunctionality does is prevent your wife from learning that you’re cruising casual sex sites or gay porn. Everything you do is still logged at the ISP lever, by search engines, etc. Uncle Sam is watching, too. There is no such thing as real internet privacy.

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