Behind Wine Wednesday Reviews – The Rating System

Adrian Bryksa September 24th, 2008

Right, so as some of you may have noticed, wine reviews have infiltrated the pages of this fine publication. As part of these reviews, point values are assigned to wines out of a 100 point scale, with higher numeric values indicating a better score. Here is my interpretation of what the point scale indicates:

100-Point Scale

– 100 Perfection: it doesn’t get better than this, heaven in a glass
– 96-99 Brilliant: a classic wine with wow all over it. Please sir, I’d like some more.
– 85-95 Very good: a wine with remarkable characteristics and qualities
– 76-84 Good: a solid, well-made wine with minor flaws
– 66-75 Mediocre: a drinkable wine with serious flaws
– 50-65 Poor: a undrinkable wine that probably is useful for cooking or putting out fires.

One thing that I have noted, as I review wines independently, is that when I compare my ratings to that of publications like Wine Spectator and Wine Access, my reviews typically come in 5 to 7 points less than that given by these sites. Care to make any guesses as to why this is?

  • Interesting stuff..

    I for one have never seen a 100point wine.. Let alone heard of one.. Heck I don’t think I’ve had anything over 90pts..