Blackberry Storm

MaxPower October 8th, 2008

The BlackBerry is taking on Apple’s iPhone with a touchscreen smartphone designed for both consumers and business users that gives the experience of typing on a regular keyboard.

Research In Motion Ltd. (TSX:RIM) is launching the long-awaited BlackBerry Storm, its first touchscreen phone on Wednesday in a gloomy economic climate that co-CEO Jim Balsillie said shouldn’t hurt sales.

What Balsillie believes sets the BlackBerry Storm apart from the iPhone and other touchscreen models is its technology, which lets users experience the keys moving and hear a “click” when they’re typing on the touchscreen.

“You feel it,” Balsillie told The Canadian Press in an interview. “There’s a real click to it. It actually moves,” he said of each key.

This interests me because I am considering a new phone and was trying to decide between the Blackberry Bold and iPhone. I just can’t get over how bad the iPhone’s typing system is, but I do like its usefulness for non-typing function. I will hold off until this comes out at least, see how it is.

  • A great review of the Storm from Engadget:

  • I was holding out for the Android G1, but after reading some reviews my biggest disappointments were:
    – no standard mini-usb for charging and sync (like MotoQ or BlackBerry)
    – no standard headphone jack
    …yeah its little things like that which piss me off. Might buy an iPhone (and jail break it) to hold me over to a better Android handset… or just keep waiting. I don’t think I’d want a BlackBerry though, they seem to have their own proprietary servers and I’d rather use network neutral devices.