Calgary Canadidate Debates: Not Important?

Gordon McDowell October 10th, 2008

Candidates for local ridings don’t quite qualify as news… at least in Calgary. Let’s face it, this province will be electing Conservatives until the day a Conservative prime minister is caught on video devowering a baby’s heart. Voting Conservative… it’s what we do.

This is probably why I can never find decent coverage when I’m trying to decide who to vote for… usually 1 hour before polls close: I’m looking online and finding nothing.

So here is coverage of 2 Calgary ridings. Calgary Centre-North and Calgary Centre. If you’re in the tech industry, these ridings matter. Calgary Centre-North is where Jim Prentice, our Minister of Industry resides, and Calgary Centre is the riding where most Calgary startups operate (and so contain more startup employees than other ridings I’d ass-u-me). It is where I work. It is why I was able to convince the boss this was at least worth trying for one election.

Calgary Centre candidate debate video coverage and complete transcript:

Calgary Centre-North candidate debate audio coverage and complete transcript:

Even if the party you prefer doesn’t create the government, or your local candidate doesn’t get elected, casting a “losing” vote still impacts how much the federal government will subsidize each party’s campaign.

Plus (by voting on election day), when you complain about the elected government I will respond by commiserating… instead of punching you in the face.

Will anyone watch? Does the ~200 attendees for each event represent how many people care, or just how many people found out about the events and had time to attend? Do you think local news crews could make the effort to record the debates and post them online, if not broadcast them on television?

There was no recording crew at Calgary Centre-North (I expect someone from a cable news channel would have been allowed to record the event). CBC was at Calgary Centre debate (in Mount Royal College), but I haven’t found any of their video footage online.

If a Candidate debate happened but the footage can’t be found on the Internet… did it really happen?