Spotless Sun

MaxPower October 20th, 2008

Update here on about the sun being quiet and sunspotless.

I’ve talked about it here and here back in September and here in August. As you can see from the picture above, the sun remains quiet. There were a few small sunspots last week but the number of spotless days in 2008 is now 5th in the last 100 years behind 1913, 1912, 1954 and 1933.

Also note that the post links to the Boston Globe’s Big Picture feature for pictures of the sun. So-Co linked to that for people here on back on Oct 14th.

Oh and by the way… what happened to the weather in 1912 and 1913?

The 1912 United States cold wave (also called 1912 cold air outbreak) remains one of the coldest winters yet to occur over the northern United States. It started in December 1911 and continued into late February 1912.

The Great Lakes Storm of 1913, historically referred to as the “Big Blow”, the “Freshwater Fury” or the “White Hurricane”, was a blizzard with hurricane-force winds that devastated the Great Lakes Basin in the Midwestern United States and the Canadian province of Ontario from November 7 through November 10, 1913.