Help Me Wolf Blizter, You’re My Only Hope

MaxPower November 5th, 2008

Better than watching the results of the election, which was a foregone conclusion which even the US pollsters couldn’t screw up, was checking out some of new (?) technology that CNN had going on in their ‘war room’. The highlight of which was when from Chicago, correspondent Jessica Yellin seemed to materialize, in 3-D, in CNN’s New York election center to chat with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

HoloTV? 10, maybe 20 years, you heard it here first. Check it.

Here are the tech specs for it – 35 HD cameras in a circle and a computer to splice the footage together. The only thing it doesn’t do, which is probably coming is “projecting” the holo onto the floor, rather it just inserts it into the video feed, you need the holo projected so you can have the total Star Wars experience. You could probably make the projection system with a series of “lasers”.

Who is putting money on which sitcom gets the HoloTV treatment first? Friends 2015?