More (or less) on Sunspots

MaxPower November 9th, 2008

An interesting comment here from So-Co on a NASA release which states the “Sun shows signs of life” which then talks about how there were 5 sunspot clusters in October, 4 of which were Cycle 24 sunspots. NASA is probably right that the solar minimum has passed but as of yesterday? No sunspots, as you can see from an image from NASA.

Go here for a couple views on whether the magnetic activity of the sun thus far in Cycle 24 is weaker than expected or right on track.

Here is Cycle 24 to date, and shows the NASA predictions. Needless to say they have been a bit out on the ol’ guesses.

  • In your graph, you are comparing two completely different things. The NOAA prediction is for SMOOTHED sunspot number, in which each point represents a year of data. So the further back you go on their graphs, the more ACTUAL rather than predicted data is shown.

    But you show points on your graph right up to the present, so you must be showing actual sunspot numbers (I haven’t checked your data against what has really occured).

    If the current point on the graph from NOAA of predicted smoothed numbers is higher than the actualy current numbers, then that means they are predicting higher numbers well into the future, since each point represents a year of data averaged.

  • Thanks for the comment. It isn’t my graph so I’m not sure about your question with respect to actual vs predicted. Here is the link to the source, you can pose that question on their forum if you wish.