Slight Design re-align

David Gluzman November 18th, 2008

Ever have those times late at night where all of a sudden you just gotta do something? Well redoing the R4NT footer was my peeve for the evening.

The Footer has been a point of contention of mine since V8 launched. I’ll be very honest and say I was lazy. Bad excuse but I was completely burnt out after uploading hundreds of articles into the new database and all I wanted to do was turn the thing on! Tsk tsk!

The bottom of the site is a great place to finish off content. Remind people where they are (for new users), and have potential hooks for people to subscribe. As you can tell the original HACK that I put together did the job, but quite poorly. The new version really puts emphasis on separation of both the page and focus. If I could add one more thing (but it’s too late for tonight) is a page that helps people understand how to use RSS; granted my new solution is to allow people to subscribe via ol’faithful (email). So those of you that either don’t like RSS or simply loooove the email, you can now finally (only took close to 9 years to implement) subscribe for updates in your inbox. Yays!

I have a few more peeves that I’d really like to clean up (explore more comes to mind; it’s ugly aaaand done!). But if something is really grating you I’d love to hear about it.

Is it midnight yet?

  • Another late night spurt! Yikes!

    Explore more has been tweaked.. Now shows a total, as well you can randomly hit an article.. More addictive than a loaf of bread. :)