Ontario Gov’t Backs Down on Driving Restrictions

MaxPower December 9th, 2008

The Ontario Government has backed down on and withdrew the plan to restrict drivers aged 16 to 19 with a G2 graduated licence to just one other teen in a vehicle. We had previously talked about the issue here and here.

“We certainly did get comment (and) we said we would listen to what people had to say,” Bradley said. “What we heard, particularly from our rural and northern members, was that it was a significant imposition (on people in those areas).” “I suspect a lot of parents are going to be talking to their kids now about being in a car or van with a number of other people.”

Or how stupid the Ontario government is… either way.

Oh and in this post I said:

This is a slippery slope. In taking an overt nanny-state view of “young drivers” for the first five years of their licensing period (16 – 21 years old), the Ontario government will establish a precedent which could or even should be extended to everyone. What is the logical difference between having such harsh rules for the first five years of licensing and then all of a sudden saying “go crazy”.

Guess what the NDP say:

The New Democrats want to go even further by reducing the blood-alcohol limit from 0.08 to 0.05 – or even zero – for drivers of all ages.

“I think we need to get into a discussion at committee and have people come talk to us about should we be changing the limit for all drivers,” said NDP critic Gilles Bisson.