Automotive Super Bowl Ads

MaxPower February 2nd, 2009

Check out the Super Bowl ad by Audi which features Jason Statham doing what he does best, driving a get-away car (does he do anything else?). The A6 is looking pretty sweet.

I like when he shrugs off the Lexus in the 90’s. Heh.

And then Hyundai (really?) has a good ad. The BMW guy cracks me up and I find it interesting that they finally gave a lesson on pronunciation – no more “hy un dai” – it is Hyun dai… like Sunday.

And finally, big ups to Bridgestone for coming up with some kind of commercial in which they can use House of Pain’s “Jump Around”.

  • Interested in seeing some of the other ads? Check some out here:

    I watched the game, but unfortunately, even American stations show Canadian commercials when viewed in Canada. So I missed all the really good ones.

    My fav? Easily the Moose.