Oh Hells No

MaxPower February 4th, 2009


Today, Google introduced Latitude, a new opt-in feature that lets smartphone and laptop users share their location with friends and allows those friends to share their locations in return. Although not pinpoint accurate, Latitude can display your general location based on information from GPS satellites and cell towers. Latitude works on both mobile devices and personal computers.

Are… you… kidding me? Google tracking my every move and then helpfully accumulating that stash of information (in bulk format, so you aren’t individually identified they say!) along with my searches to sell that information to companies who might like to know where certain demographics of people congregate, and what they search for, eat, read, do for fun etc etc.

This is 1984’s TV into your bedroom except people are going to actually, freely sign up for this? Pros: its free, fun (?!?), useful for parents tracking kiddies and lets people helpfully see where you are on a map so they can stalk you. Cons: lets people see where you are on a map so they can stalk you, just another brick in Google’s plan for world domination by controlling all information, and very helpful for police when trying to pinpoint your location at a given time. Who wants the over/under on how long it takes for police somewhere to subpoena Google’s records of this. 2 years?

No way man. No way.