UI Tweaks March 2009

David Gluzman March 17th, 2009


So I took a half day break from working on WineCollective and decided to give R4NT some much needed love.. I had been sitting on some experimental design/code (for the archives) that I worked on a few months ago. Yesterday I decided on whim to just F-it, and launch it. Which was a bit premature if I may add (the thing imploded in IE). Regardless the goal here was to display more articles at one time, yet allowing the user to be able to blast through results quickly. You can see it live in action in the archives.

[boring technical rant]

More on the IE thing.. As you can see if you play around on the page, there’s some jQuery action that basically toggles child elements of each article on top (all pretty like). Anyways. Since IE has a notorious bug where child elements inherit z-index values the data would be behind everything (kinda useless). Anyways, long story short I had to revert to making the parent elements relative as well as the children (does any of this make sense?). Bingo works.


There’s also a few other small tweaks (main nav now has placemarks). There’s still lots of things I’d like to cleanup and tweak, yet they will have to wait for now.