GOOG to buy Twitter?

MaxPower April 3rd, 2009


Google feels the need… to buy this year’s Facebook. Which means of course there is an opening for a new Twitter/Facebook/Myspace starting in 2010.

Right now it is just rumours but this is the source of those rumours: TechCrunch.

Says them:

Google is in late stage negotiations to acquire Twitter. We don’t know the price but can assume its well, well north of the $250 million valuation that they saw in their recent funding.

Twitter turned down an offer to be bought by Facebook just a few months ago for half a billion dollars, although that was based partially on overvalued Facebook stock. Google would be paying in cash and/or publicly valued stock, which is equivalent to cash.

Yet another source says the acquisition discussions are still fairly early stage, and the two companies are also considering working together on a Google real time search engine

Couple quick thoughts – GOOG stock is not equivalent to cash, although it is much closer to cash then would be Facebook’s fantasy stock (Facebook missed the boat, they will never get the type of valuation they could have in the summer of 08, sorry guys).

And second – somehow I am not loving a Google/Twitter hyper-search engine. How long will it take to pinpoint each individual user and spam you on your cellphone with ads from neighbourhood businesses? Actually… that’s a good idea.