The Honda Insight Sucks

MaxPower May 25th, 2009

in_gear_556559aJeremy Clarkson said so, here in the Times.

Honda’s attempt to compete with the other major psuedo-enviro car the Prius, apparently sucks and sucks hard. Oh my, how I laughed.

It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more.

The Honda’s petrol engine is a much-shaved, built-for-economy, low-friction 1.3 that, at full chat, makes a noise worse than someone else’s crying baby on an airliner. It’s worse than the sound of your parachute failing to open. Really, to get an idea of how awful it is, you’d have to sit a dog on a ham slicer.

So you’re sitting there with the engine screaming its head off, and your ears bleeding, and you’re doing only 23mph because that’s about the top speed.

But since the whole point of this car is that it could be sold for less than Toyota’s Smugmobile, the engineers have plainly peeled the suspension components to the bone. The result is a ride that beggars belief.

And it goes on like that and even hits a few other key points, including many people’s unswerving belief that carbon dioxide is “bad” but all the other components of these cars including batteries are built out of lollypops and rainbows.

The nickel for the battery has to come from somewhere. Canada, usually. It has to be shipped to Japan, not on a sailing boat, I presume. And then it must be converted, not in a tree house, into a battery, and then that battery must be transported, not on an ox cart, to the Insight production plant in Suzuka. And then the finished car has to be shipped, not by Thor Heyerdahl, to Britain, where it can be transported, not by wind, to the home of a man with a beard who thinks he’s doing the world a favour.

Oh Top Gear guys, I can only guess what you’ll say about the Volt.

  • i agree with it . it is really bad.