A h(y)r Understanding Of Fashion

Kimberley Jev July 27th, 2009

Ryan Willms of H(y)R Collective

Ryan Willms of H(y)R Collective

I first caught wind of h(y)r Collective (pronounced “higher collective”) a year ago. The team is turning into one of the leading websites to go to for a simple yet refined approach to men’s fashion. Ryan Willms editor of the magazine has put in a lot of time and effort into delivering fashion news of quality.

There is a great interview with Ryan Willms on the Cultures In Between website.

For anybody who knows a thing or two about the online publishing industry, they will tell you, it is probably one of the hardest professions that requires diligence and constant attention. How they have pulled through the year amazes me but they continue to defy the odds.

To learn more about h(y)r collective you can visit them at The h(y)r Collective Magazine website.