What is going on?

David Gluzman April 4th, 2010

At the summit (Cupula)

So. Yeah. I’ve been skiing lots (thanks to being part of the Alpine Club of Canada). This makes me happy. I like spending time outside. Outside good.

I’ve been kinda neglecting posting here for the past while. I think I’ll blame twitter (you can find me there @D4V). Twitter? No, I’m not going to explain it so get out from under your rock. (Was that harsh? Likely, sorry.)

I’ve been using twitter since early 2007, but only in the past year or so have I really embraced using it on a regular basis. It’s funny how much one can share in such a short amount of text. Also the feedback loops are insanely quick and addictive. Posting a comment on a blog feels so clunky now.

Also for the past year a group of us in #yyc started a small trend of posting our #lifetrack on a semi regular basis. It’s been an interesting way of not only recording what music has inspired me during a given day, but also a neat way to hear new music from friends.

In other news, the #yyc hashtag is now pretty much useless.


The other key reason it’s been quiet here is that I think self publishing has become insanely easy in this day and age. There’s just so much to read: Ian Harding, Adam Kahtava, Crom, Rachel & Travis, Tyler Hellard, Jon Freer, Gordon McDowell, Geoff Sowrey, Sarah Blue, Connor Turner, Jeremy Foster, Rhett Soveran, and and.. Who doesn’t have their own blog in 2010? Then again it doesn’t make writing any easier, but you know what I mean. I regress, I still blame twitter. I guess Facebook can also get a finger pointed its way, then again it makes me kinda angry. Well not angry, but using Facebook makes me feel dirty.

Speaking of Facebook. Why are people using pictures of their kids as their profile photo?

Oh.. Another thing.. Foursquare and Gowalla type social networks based on where you are and telling everyone about it. I have a beef with this. In a nutshell you tell people where you are using GPS and your phone; which then lets people know where you are, blah blah blah.. I do “Get” it, and I have used foursquare, but I just don’t care. I’m done, and I’m not coming back.

This type of service does have a lot of potential (and apparently value to investors). Oh and sure there’s some appeal to playing games and earning badges, but it just doesn’t scale. Just like every other social network, people are trying to gain the most amount of friends/followers and thats when things go straight to shit. Being buzzed all the time about someone checking in to the 7-11 in NE Calgary is just useless. Yes, yes, you can control who you get notified by, but it still work to manage this. Sorry friends, but some of you use this thing f’ing hardcore, and I just don’t care that much. I’d rather actually schedule a time to meet with you and talk to you in person.

Did that just turn into some sort of rant? I’m old.

I’m looking forward to mountain biking soon, oh and more rock climbing. Less technology blah blah – more outdoors.

  • Twitter is a funny thing. Sure I follow 700+ people, but I really only “follow” about a dozen friends on there. There is so much information pushed through it that I don’t even use a desktop app for it anymore. I force myself to go to the website, where I really only ever spend about 10 seconds each time anyway. Blogging has been fun, but I do it for business, and really only just started about a month ago. As a creative in todays age, you almost have to.

    As for skiing, as usual, I never did as much as I would have liked. But thats the case every year. The sad reality too is that I’m just not loving it as much as I used to. I grew up loving skiing. I grew up on small hills with dreams of big hills. Now I ski big hills and have dreams of bigger hills. Unfortunately, those bigger hills are somewhat unattainable right now, strictly due to money. What a sad reality. F-ing money. Controls way more than I like it to, and I’ve been getting really bad at managing it lately.

    I like sunshine now. Was in Cali a couple of weeks ago and am already hunting for flight for my next long weekend down there (again with the money spending). REALLY looking forward to mountain biking this summer. Gotta start early.

    (This comment could totally have been a rant on my own blog. HA!)